【豆腐貓砂】富士一 天然極簡豆乳豆腐貓砂 原味 6L



富士一 系列有多種豆腐貓砂款式可選,包括綠茶味 6L、原味 6L及活性碳 6L,能滿足不同貓咪的需求。
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Fujiichi Tofu cat litter uses natural tofu residue as its material. This cat litter is anti-odor and antibacterial, allowing you and your cat to live together in a healthier environment. Fujiichi Tofu cat litter is cost-effective and can help you save money on taking care of your cat.
The Fuji series has a variety of tofu cat litter styles to choose from, including green tea flavor 6L, original flavor 6L and activated carbon 6L, which can meet the needs of different cats.
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富士一 系列有多种豆腐猫砂款式可选,包括绿茶味 6L、原味 6L及活性碳 6L,能满足不同猫咪的需求。
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